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ESO: La Silla og Paranal

La Silla is a 2400-m mountain, bordering the southern extremity of the Atacama desert in Chile. It is located about 160 km north of La Serena. Its geographical coordinates are: Latitude 29º 15' south & Longitude 70º 44' west.
Pata de Guanaco
Danske obs.
  • Det danske teleskop
The Danish telescope was built by Grubb-Parsons, and has been in use at La Silla since 1979. The telescope has an off-axis mount and the optics are of a Ritchey-Chretien design. On account of the telescope's mount and the limited space inside the dome, the telescope has significant pointing restrictions. The telescope is at a geographical location of 70°44'7"662W 29°15'14"235S and an altitude of 2340 metres

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